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Ekaterina Eremenko Filmography:

Georg Cantor - Der Entdecker der Unendlichkeiten

D 2018
Infinity has fascinated mankind for centuries. We wish for eternal life - looking up, space marks the final frontier. The idea of infinity for mathematics was invented by Georg Cantor. This documentary presents Georg Cantor’s life and his exploration of infinity for mathematics.

Saxonia-Entertainment produced this documentary in collaboration with the SFB/TRR 109 and the TU Berlin for the MDR

Whispers of String Theory
D 2017
An international meeting of physicists working in the most challenging and abstract field. A good sports commentator can turn you into a fan, likewise we are drawn into this secluded world by the right people: scientists telling about their colleagues- brave, intimate, direct... in whispers.

Lake Vostok. At the Mountains of Madness 

RU 2017
The drama of the exploration of subglacial Antarctic Lake Vostok and at the same time the story of the unfinished Hollywood production of Lovecraft’s book „At the mountains of madness“, which in many ways foretold subsequent events on station Vostok.

Andrew Wiles

D 2016
Short film about Andrew Wiles for the Abel Prize Ceremony 2016

The Discrete Charm of Geometry

D 2015
A team of mathematicians is working together on a big project... 

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John Nash and Louis Nirenberg

D 2015
Two short films about John Nash and Louis Nirenberg for the Abel Prize Ceremony 2015

D 2012, 60 min

To most people math appears abstract, mysterious, complicated, inaccessible. But math is nothing but a different language to express the world. Math can be sensual. Math can be tasted, it smells, it creates sound and color. One can touch it – and be touched by it....

"Colors of Math" has been translated into 12 languages, it had a successful Russian theatrical release and was shown in many universities and science conferences.

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My Class (My Class - Was aus uns wurde)

D 2008, 90 min

Documentary about the fate of the author’s classmates, who are graduates of a Russian elite mathematics school.

Zero one film production together with Maximage (Swiss), ARTE, BBC, RBB.

Grand Prix and Audience award at the international festival "Kin" in Erevan,  December 2008.
Main Prize at the international festival "Saratov Harmony", 2008.
Special prize at the "Frescoes of the North" festival.
Prize from organisation committee at the "Kinoteatrdoc" festival.
Nomination and short list for russian national prize "Layr" in the Best Art Film category.

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Big Bones - Big Business (Sibirische Knochenjagd)

D 2004, 54 min

Lizardmedien production with ARTE, MDR, RTR, YLE.

Documentary about Mammoth bone traders & collectors.

Prize for the best publicistic film at the international film festival in Irkutsk.
Second prize at the international film festival "Red Shift" in NY.

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The Sound of Russia (Die Meistersinger)

D 2003, 59 min & 73 min

Documentary about the canary bird singing contest.
together with ZDF, ARTE, YLE Teema.

It was shown at more than 30 international festivals, including IDFA (Amsterdam), Margaret Med (NY), International festivals in New Zeland, Australia, Greece etc.

Among the prizes are:
Russian National Award "Lavr" for the best debut in Russia 2003,  Prize "st. Anna", Audience choice on DCM conference in Leipzig etc.

This film was sold to more than 10 international TV channel.

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